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Our school works in partnership with PE Specialists Sports (UK) in order to provide the very best PE and School Sport for our pupils.

The following link illustrate the varied PE curriculum delivered in our school: 

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If you require further information please speak to our PE coordinator, Pavitar Gill.

Whitkirk Primary school PE Long term plan 2017/18

PE news
Welcome to our PE page. You will find out about all the sport activites we have been up to. Keep checking back regulary to find updated photos. We will be posting match reports, uploading photos from events, success stories from children and letting you know of future events.

  • September 2017 - Year 5/6 football Primary school tournament held at Wetherby High School 
    With our first sporting event, we couldn't have asked for a better result! The children attended Wetherby High School where they played a total of 6 teams in their group. We came out 2nd and went through to the semi-finals. We played the winner of the second group and won by 1-0. We made it through to the final and in extra time our superstar Bobby Duncan scored the golden goal. Every memeber of the team put 100% effort into playing and worked fantastically as a team. They showed sheer determination and great sportsmanship with their attitudes towards other teams. Keep it up boys! We cannot wait to share their next football news with you in October.  (Look out for our winning shield in the Reception area at school!) 
  • September 2017 - National Fitness Day 
    As a whole school, all children arrived to school in their PE kit and participated in a number of different activites throughout the day; including our famous 'Whitkirk Mile.' A highlight of the day is from Mrs Walker delievering a whole school wake up shake up as part of #10TEN10. 
  • 13th November - Year 5/6 Athletics
    Our wonderful children at the top of the school, shone at Temple Moor. Due to illnessness and sickness bugs going round, it resulted into our team being very small! Many of the children had to participate in races after races, leading to a lot of tired children by the end! However, this did not stop them from putting there all into every race and coming out 2nd! We are now through to the Leeds plate semi-finals, which will take place after Christmas. Keep checking back on this page to see how we perfomed.  
  • November 2017 - Leeds City Ride
    Year 3/4 - Children who were unable to ride a bike without stabiliers/unable to ride a bike participated in a whole day course, in which instructors taught them key skills, built their confidence and instilled a love of learning for a new way of arriving to school. 
    "It really helped because I am more confident riding my bike." Isobel Judge, Polar Bears
  • Year 6 - All children in year 6 took part in a 'bike fix' module, where they learnt key skills on how to fix parts of a bike. These included, what do do when you have a punctured tyre, how to fix your chain, adjust your seat and check your brakes are working. Each child will be sent home with a tyre puncture fix. Call on our year 6's when you're in need! 
  • U11's Road to Wembly football tournmanet - Novemeber 2017 
    As a school, we were lucky to have been accepted for the 2nd year in the ‘Leeds United Foundation’s U11’s - School Champions Tournament. The Kids Cup -  will be one of the prestigious football tournaments hosted in the city of Leeds this year. The Kids Cup – School Champions competition encourages youngsters to be active, healthy, and develop a keen sense of teamwork. Our Year 5/6 children went over to 'Wetherby High School' to play in the first round. Our children showed a great sense of determination through each game. We battled through the cold, which led to rain and later on snow! Unforuntuatly, our team lost out at the semi-finals, but we are extremly proud of their achievements. Onto the next tournament!
  • Whitkirk wonder's football club - November 2017 
    Steve Wales delievered a wonderful assembly to the whole school to introduce the football club that is right on our doorstop. We listened to how a training session would run, watched videos on matches and even saw some funny pictures of our year 6 children when they first started at the club, many years ago! Steve then came back later on in the week with two coaches to deliever a short but packed trial session to give pupils a taste of what is on offer. Steve runs many holidays camps and weekly football sessions. Keep an eye out on the PE notice board (main playground) for posters about these events. 
  • October 2016 - Year 3/4 & 5/6 football
    We had a great time taking the children to Temple Moor to play against our trust schols. The children worked as a team and played fantastically and progressed through to the next round. Check back in the spring term to see how the second round went. Thank you to Mr Evans who supplied the children with a football kit until our brand new one arrives in January (photo to appear shortly.) Thank you to our loyal supporterrs who came to watch and offered words of encouragment throughout. 
  • November 2016 - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 multi skills
    We have had a busy month sending of our youngest children to Temple Moor to show of their wonderful Multi Skills. They have the opportunity to develop a range of skills, which I have seen them practicing daily in their PE lessons and out on the playground. You all did amazing, well done. 
  • November 2016 - James Kirton - GB Olympian visited school and inspired children. 
    All of children worked extremely hard during their fitness cicuit session on Wednesday, in order to raise lots of spondershup money to buy PE equipment for our school.  All classes really enjoyed their sessions and then they were inspired by James’ description of how hard he worked to achieve to such a high level in swimming in our whole school assembly. When James asked our children what they should do if they were finding something hard in school their responses ranged from 'Never give up' and 'Always try your best''. This was a fantasic event and we hope to have some more olympians visit schol. 

  • December 2016 - February 2017 - Year 5/6 Leeds United Foundation Kids Cup 'Road to Wembley' 
    As a school, we were lucky to have been accepted in the ‘Leeds United Foundation’s U9’s - School Champions Tournament. The Kids Cup -  will be one of the prestigious football tournaments hosted in the city of Leeds this year. The Kids Cup – School Champions competition encourages youngsters to be active, healthy, and develop a keen sense of teamwork. Our Year 5/6 children went over to 'Wetherby High School' to play in the first round. Out of 10 schools in our area, only two qualified for round two and our Whitkirk stars were through! A sense of real excitment shot through every child. We were very proud of the children.  From this, children were asked to attend a traning camp at Thorp Arch Acadmely grounds; a whole day of football, no complaints in sight! The children were lucky enough to see Gary walking through. Later in February the second round came where the top two schools from each qualifying round competed against each other for one overall winner. A sincinere sense of pure determination and teamwork was shown from our childrenn and although we did not make it through to the next round, this did not dampen our pride and in their achievements. Over 70 schools in Leeds applied and to have made it this far is fantastic. 
  • February 2017 - Year 2 Skipping festival at Temple Moor
    Throughout the spring term, our Year 2 children have had visits from our local skipping school company to help prepare them for their festival. The children travelled over to Temple Moor one Monday afternoon to take part in this festival against other children from our local schools. Miss Odor reports that the children were fantastic and really enjoyed taking part in the event. 
  • March 2017 - New football kits
    After a long wait, our new football kits have arrived into school. Our football stars have had an increased opportunity this year so far and a huge amount of success. We cannot wait to see them out in this kit soon. Here are some lovely Year 5's modelling the kit: 
  • April 2017 - Year 5/6 Netball competition
Our netball stars have been working hard all year after school for this compeition. With their hard work, teamwork and dedication they managed to come second! Well done girls, you should be really proud of yourselves. We look forward to the next one! 
  • May 2017 - Year 3/4 & 5/6 Football Competition
Following the success of the 1st round, our children went to play the final round at Temple Moor this May. Their sportsmanship, teamwork and drive got them all the way to the finals and became our champions. Here are our  kids holding their trophy with pride and wearing our stylish new kit with pride also. Way to go guys! 
  • May 2017 - Year 6 Residential
Year 6 had a fantastic fun filled week at Kingswood, Dearne Valley. We took part in a varitey of different activites, including leap of faith, archery and high ropes. Lots of us conquered our fear of heights and learnt how to make our own beds! Check out the school twitter account for many more pictures.
  • May 2017 - Brownlee Brother's Triathlon 

As a school, we are part of ‘Active Schools’ who run a number of sporting events throughout the year. We were lucky enough to be able to participate in their ‘Brownlee Triathlon Event’. This was a wonderful opportunity, for us as a school, to be involved in a triathlon experience as part of the work of the Brownlee Foundation and also in celebration of the Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon Leeds event being held on the weekend of the 10/11 June. This event involved 30 KS2 children trying out the disciplines of the triathlon. All children swam 30m, cycled 1km and ran 400m. We had a fantastic time. 

  • 22nd June - Active Schools Football Participation 

Mr Davy took a squad of 10 Year 3/4 children to play football for the day. The children that were picked to go where children who do not participate in football out of school. It brought awarness of the sport to the children and gave them a taster of what an after school football club would be like. I hope to see many of you play more next year! You were a faboulous bunch. 

  • Health Week 19th - 23rd June

Health week is many staff members favourite week of the school calendar, for a number of different reasons. Our children came to school in PE kits all week and participated in a number of different activities.  Every morning our children were in for a treat, with Mrs Walker’s wake up shake up to get us raring to go for the day!
Monday: Archery in KS2 to dance for KS1, there was something for all.
Tuesday brought our annual sports day in which children took part in a range of field and track races to win points for their houses. Our fabulous sports coaches did an amazing job at organising this alongside Whitkirk Staff. Parents took part in a race, staff took part; it really was a day for all (including homemade cloudy lemonade provided by our Yr 5/6 children).
Wednesday: Parents/Grandparents/Friends were invited to join children in their classrooms for a healthy breakfast; the spread was impressive in all classes!
Thursday: We had a treat from Leeds Rhinos, in which they provided an assembly gearing us up ready for the day with a wake up shake up. Each class got 30mins/1 hour with a Leeds Rhino coach who gave us a taste of what they teach. Look out for them in school in the future!
Friday: Continuous football all day! Miss Gill worked with every class at some point in the day to learn football skills and play friendly matches alongside their peers. Lots of children enjoyed themselves and have vowed to take up Football more next year! The highlight of this day has got to be the staff vs Yr6 children football lunch at lunchtime. Our Yr 6 children look forward to this all year and they really made the staff work for it!

*Throughout the week our children took part in cooking sessions (flapjacks, rainbow salads, pasta salads) and the Whitkirk Mile in their own year groups/classess.*

Thank you to everyone that helped organise this fabulous week. The children were exceptional all week and were inspired to take on more sports next year - watch this space!



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