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Aims of our curriculum:
  • To provide a whole educational experience, giving extended learning opportunities to all of our children, during and beyond the school day.
  • To promote equal opportunities so that all children have an equal right to pursue common goals; class, race, gender or disability present no obstacle to the highest possible achievement for all.
  • To help equip children with the skills necessary to have control over their own lives and environment and to be able to participate positively in the community, taking account of the changing world in which we live.
Reception Curriculum

The topics and overview are subject to change linked to the children's interests. This is a rough guide.

Phonics Policy and Progression

At Whitkirk we follow Letters and Sounds as our phonics progression. This is planned out into weekly sounds along with the spelling work outlined in the National Curriculum. Please find the documents below;

Whole School Spelling

We use the Spelling Spider in every classroom in school. This outlines key strategies to help us become more independent in our spelling. Please find the strategies outlined below:

Reading Schemes

In school, we use a variety of reading schemes to engage the children and foster a love of reading. These include:

* Project X
* Treetops
* Collins
* Pathways
* Rigby
* Phonics Bug

Our School Awards