Pirates and Piles of Clothes!

Another busy week whizzes by in a flash and so much to tell you about! I’ll try to keep it short, as I know you have other things to do with your time. Ms Stanhope and I have spent a lot of time in classrooms since we came back from the Christmas break, mainly looking at the teaching of maths across school and it is a real joy to see children so engaged in their learning. Teachers here at Whitkirk are working really hard to ensure that maths lessons are active and engaging for all children so that they are busy doing things – and it is proving to be very effective. When children are active in their lessons, they learn more quickly and, more importantly, retain the learning. We are always keen to see that children are able to apply their learning in these key areas across the curriculum, proving that they have a solid grasp of these important skills. We saw some fabulous progress from children across school last term, particularly in the second half, and we are looking forward to seeing this progress accelerate through this important spring term. As I said last week, you can play your part by making sure that children are in school every day and, very importantly, on time so that they do not miss the vital learning opportunities that begin early each day.

The week started with a pirate invasion! Key Stage 1 children really enjoyed their inspiration day.


Let’s have a look at this week’s figures:

Cubs 1   97%      Cubs 2    94.1%

Tigers   99%     Cheetahs   98.7%

Lynx   97%    Snow Leopards   95.7%

Dolphins   97.3%     Penguins   99.7% – This week’s winners!

Sharks   97.4%        Polar Bears   93.3%

Panthers   97.9%       Golden Eagles   97.4%

Jaguars   91.4%

That makes our weekly figure 96.6%, a much better effort than last week. Thank you for your efforts – please keep it up!



I think that it is timely that I remind parents and carers that children should not bring mobile phones into school. It is against our school rules for a number of reasons. Apart from the risk of bringing valuable items to school, most phones can be used for a variety of purposes, including taking photos and videos. This represents a real safeguarding risk for our children. We have a very clear policy on how and when images of children are taken and used in school and we cannot ensure this policy is adhered to if chidlren bring in devices capable of taking pictures. If children are found to be in possession of a mobile phone in school, it will be taken from them and their parents spoken to. In most cases it will only be delivered back to a parent or carer at the end of the school day. Please support us by reminding your children of this important rule. Thank you.



We have already accumulated a lost property mountain this term and we always attempt to reunite the clothing and their owners wherever we can. To help with this, the lost property will be displayed in the drama hall on Monday from 3 p.m. Please come along and find your children’s missing things (or even find a suitable replacement!). After Monday, the boxes will be cleared and the lost property bagged up ready for disposal.



It is great to see so many children (and their parents!) joining in with after-school activities this term. There are a whole range of clubs available for children at all ages in school and we encourage all children to find something that they are enthusiastic about and pursue it. Great to see parents joining in with the exercise classes this week. Mr Herbert is taking our Y3 and Y4 footballers to Temple Moor next week for a competition and we are sure they will represent our school in just the right way.

While we’re on about sporting success…



Our brilliant athletics team is in the Leeds Final on the Wednesday 29th January at Trinity College. What a fantastic achievement for our children, who have won through against teams from all across our city to reach this final. No matter what happens in the final, they are all winners in our eyes and we are immensely proud of their achievements! Good luck Team Whitkirk!



Every one of our stars this week talked about being rewarded for the effort they have been putting in to their learning – and the progress they have made as a result. Brilliant!

Here they are…

Have a great weekend!

Steve Clark, Headteacher

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