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This week began with us looking at the House Points collecting tubes in the hall to see which of the four Houses is in the lead to claim this half term’s reward. It was great to see the tubes filling up very rapidly, showing that the children are doing really well at following the Whitkirk Way. All they have to do to earn points is demonstrate that they are following our simple set of statements about how we want to be in school and they stand a chance of winning points for their team. The children know that the Whitkirk Way says:

* We are always gentle with our words

* We always have a positive attitude

* We always keep our hands and feet to ourselves

*We always give 100%

* We always respect property and each other

* We always walk inside school

* We are always honest

What a great set of aspirational statements that would help everyone, not just the children in school, to be successful and happy. For the record, it appears that Gemini have sneaked slightly ahead in the race, closely followed by last term’s winners, Draco. Come on Sirius and Orion – there’s plenty of time to catch up!


We are, as ever, working with the children to improve their writing skills across school and, in particular, all teachers are making sure that children focus on doing their best writing at all times. This means that even when they are writing up a science report or some historical information they must still think about their writing targets and ensure that they are demonstrating the skills that they learn in their Literacy lessons. Of course, there is always a focus on brilliant story writing and we were able to celebrate and enjoy some of the excellent progress our Year 6 children have been making in the past couple of weeks in Monday’s assembly. Mrs Styles read out Allanah’s story to the whole school – what a thrill! A brilliant effort, Allanah.












YEAR 6 PARENTS’ MEETING  – Thursday 30th January at 6.30 p.m.

Of course, our Year 6 children will have the opportunity to demonstrate their brilliant writing skills when they go through the SATs process in May this year. As usual, we are holding a meeting for parents of Year 6 children so that you know what the children are going to do in their SATs and, more importantly, how you can help. It is a really important meeting so please make every effort to come along and find out what you need to know.


It doesn’t seem like two minutes since our Reception children were starting with us this year and now they are off on an exciting trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! They are all looking forward to what we know will be a thrilling visit for them. They should be able to tell you all about the exciting things they have seen when they get home on Monday. Make sure they are well prepared for an outdoor January day and wrapped up well. Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to help out – we couldn’t do the trip without your brilliant support!



Parents/ Carers are reminded that children are permitted a healthy snack at playtimes and that this may be a piece of fruit or a cereal bar. We have noticed a few children bringing in chocolate biscuits or even cereal bars that are mostly chocolate. Staff will not allow children to eat these snacks at playtime, in accordance with our school policy. Thank you for your support in keeping these snacks a healthy option for our children.



Since before Christmas, we have been working with a Local Authority adviser to develop our music provision in school. Mrs Christie leads on music at Whitkirk and she has organised for planning sessions and training for our teachers so that they can deliver more effective and enjoyable lessons as part of our music curriculum. We have lots of children who take instrument lessons in school each week, including a bunch of eager young flautists who have just started this term. It is really important to us that we keep music as a vibrant part of our school life and these recent changes and developments will help enormously.



Here are this week’s attendance totals for each class:

Cubs 1   96%          Cubs 2   93.1%

Tigers   98.7%        Cheetahs   97.7%

Snow Leopards   94%      Lynx   95.7%

Dolphins   98%      Penguins   99.3%

Polar Bears   92.1%      Sharks   97.8%

Panthers   98.2%       Golden Eagles   97.6%

Jaguars   90%

This makes the Penguins this week’s winners – AGAIN!!! –  and our overall attendance for the week 96%. Let’s keep it up!



As I mentioned recently, Parent Consultation Evenings are planned for just after half term and letters are due to come out to you in the next couple of weeks. I just thought you might appreciate an early chance to put the dates in your diary. We will, as usual, be inviting you and your children for a meeting after school on either Tuesday 25th or Thursday 27th February. Looking forward to seeing you then.



Another group of lovely learners! All brilliant role models and showing that when you out in the right amount of effort you can be rewarded with great progress in all you do. Fabulous!




See you all next week!

Steve Clark, Headteacher

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