SATs, Stars and School Dinners

The weather’s taken a wintery turn this week, hasn’t it? In some ways it is nice to have the weather that we expect in January, when we should  be feeling the chill, but I really don’t want to see any snow! Anything that has the potential to interrupt our children’s learning is not welcome here. We remind the children to wrap up warm on cold days but we will certainly be allowing them to play outside in all but the most extreme conditions. They seem to feel the cold much less than we do at our age (sorry, my age!) but do keep sending them to school properly dressed for that day’s weather. So, we can have a bit of snow at half term to play in but I want it all melted and gone before we get back to school on the 25th February.



Continuing on from last week’s theme, I was delighted to have visits from lots of children this week to share their writing with me. I saw children from all across the school and I was keen to check that they knew about their personal writing targets and how they need to move their writing to the next level. I am pleased to report that children are well aware of the things that they need to be working on with their teachers in order to become brilliant writers. You might want to give them a little quiz when they get home (they’ll thank me for this one day!) and see if they can tell you what their target is. It will, of course be specific to their stage of writing development and could be anything from shaping letters correctly or using finger spaces to using more adventurous vocabulary and well organised paragraphing. See what they can tell you!



It was great to see so many of our Year 6 parents at the meeting yesterday evening. I hope you could see that your children are being brilliantly supported by a whole team of people in this very important school year. Remember to use the revision materials you were given and to let us know if you find any other  really useful resources so that we can share with others. Please also remember that, although these tests are important for our children, we need to ensure that we don’t put too much pressure on them so that they become overly worried. Let us know if you want any help with this.



Once again, I have the pleasure of reporting on our brilliant athletics team, who have been competing on our behalf this week. This time, they were taking part in the finals at Trinity College in Horsforth. They were ably supported by Miss Jessop, Miss Conlan and our usual travelling band of supportive parents. They have really done us proud this year and were 4th in the ‘Plate’ competition, meaning that they have come 8th out of over 100 schools that entered from all across the city. I think you will agree that this is a fantastic achievement. Well done to everyone involved.



You may be aware from the news that the government is to introduce free school meals for all children from Reception to Year 2. At this stage the school’s governors are in the process of finding out more about how we can deliver this service and we will keep you posted about how it will work as the year goes on. In the meantime, we have changed the way in which school meals are served in order to ensure that children receive the food that they order each day. From this week, when children order their lunch, a class list is completed and sent to the dining hall so that the staff can see what each child should receive. This gets over the problem of children losing (or in some cases swapping) their bands during the morning, which can cause some food choices to run out. So far, the system is working really well and we will continue to monitor it closely.


Here are this week’s figures:

Cubs 1   93.3%      Cubs 2   96%

Tigers   92.3%     Cheetahs   97.7%

Lynx   96.7%       Snow Leopards   90%

Dolphins   96%      Penguins   99%

Polar Bears   92%    Sharks   98.7%

Panthers   97.9%      Golden Eagles   93.2%

Jaguars   93.1%

This makes our overall figure for the week 95.1%. Well done, Penguins!



On a rainy day like today, it was great to see some little rays of sunshine at Cafe Clark – they really brightened up our day! Lots of stories about effort, determination and some brilliant manners! A deserving group. Keep it up, kids! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go outside for our photo, so this one is a bit dark – roll on summer!






Have a great weekend!

Steve Clark, Headteacher


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