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What a busy week! Following the excitement of the build up to the Tour de France last week (Did you see it? Amazing!), we have focussed on some typically end-of-year things this week, including our fabulous Key Stage 2 Awards evening, more of which later. We have been really thrilled with our children’s continued enthusiasm for learning as we approach the end of the school year – and they are not finished yet. Ms Stanhope and I spent time in a few classes over the past couple of days having a look at maths learning in Key Stage 1. Our children’s engagement with their maths learning was brilliant – it is no wonder they are making such good progress. No winding down for us!


We had a much better response to our annual survey this year (especially as we didn’t do one last year!), with 57 people sending in their views. These really help us to understand the needs of our parents and point us towards improvements we can make. Also, it is really heartening to receive such positive feedback at what is a really busy time of year. We know that we cannot possibly please everyone at all times but we do try very hard to get things right as much as we can. It is nice to know that these efforts are appreciated. One lucky parent won £25 in our prize draw just for sharing their views. So, what did you tell us:

Results are given as a % of 57 responses and may not add to 100% because of rounding.


Strongly agree



Strongly disagree

My   child is happy at school



My   child feels safe at school




My   child makes good progress




My   child is well looked after




My   child is taught well




My   child receives appropriate homework for their age





The   school ensures that pupils are well behaved




The   school deals effectively with bullying




The   school is well led and managed




The   school responds well to any concern I raise




I   receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress





I   would recommend this school to another parent




The one area that seems to be more of a concern to the parents who responded is the issue of providing more information about your child’s progress through the year. We have improved this in recent years so that parents get assessment data in the core areas (Reading, Writing and Maths) three times a year but we have decided to add this to our School Development Plan for 2014/15 and we will look at ways to improve the system, particularly in terms of sharing your children’s current targets on a regular basis. We’ll let you know how we get on during the year.


On Wednesday, we held our much-anticipated annual awards evening and we were delighted that so many parents could join us to share their children’s achievements. We are very clear that the children receiving these special awards are just a small number of the fabulous achievers we have in school. The evening is always a real delight and this year was no exception. It simply serves to remind us how lucky we are to work with such a great group of children every day.

At half time, we were treated to a preview of some of the performances we will see when our Year 5 and 6 children present their version of ‘Grease’ next week. What a show it promises to be!

The top awards are traditionally given to one girl and one boy in Year 6 who have made a significant contribution to the life of our school in their time here. This year, Brooklyn and Allanah were the deserving recipients. Here’s a picture of a proud Allanah, with a number of equally proud teachers!

Awards Evening 2014


By the time you read this you will probably have seen your child’s report. I hope that you find it a useful summary of your child’s year in school. Please let us have any comments on the form provided. You will also find out who will be your child’s teacher in September – always an exciting time! The children will be spending time with their new teacher next week and you will be invited into school in the first weeks in September so that you can also see where your children will be based and meet the teacher.


As ever at this time of year, there are a few staff changes to report on ahead of the new term:

Mrs Jackson is leaving us after serving as a teaching assistant at Whitkirk for 18 years. We are extremely grateful for the brilliant work she has done for our children over those years and I know you will join me in wishing her many happy years doing what she (and Mr Jackson!) wants to do. Thanks, Gail!

Miss Bi has been working with us on a temporary basis as a teaching assistant in Key Stage 2 this last term and she leaves us next week. She has been a fantastic addition to our team and we wish her luck and  happiness for the future – especially as she’s getting married in the summer! Good luck, Taseem!

Miss Bentley, is leaving us at the end of term to take up a post as leader of PE across a cluster of schools. She has taught across Key Stage 2 this year and we are grateful for the work she has done with our children in her time at Whitkirk. Good luck, Emma!

We are delighted to welcome some new staff who are joining Team Whitkirk for the new year. Miss Easton will teach in Year 1 and two new teaching assistants will join us: Miss Sterland and Miss Samra. Welcome aboard!!


Attendance matters!! We know that children who attend well are more likely to achieve success in school and sometimes they even win prizes! One lucky family of a child with 100% attendance this year, won four VIP tickets for the Tour de France Grand Depart last week! Hope you had a great time. Here are this week’s figures:

Cubs 1   97%       Cubs 2  98.2%

Tigers 99.3%       Cheetahs   97.7%

Lynx   95.7%       Snow Leopards   97.9%

Dolphins   93.3%       Penguins   97.4%

Polar Bears   99%    Sharks   93%

Panthers   88.6%      Golden Eagles   94.8%

Jaguars   94.8%

This makes our weekly figure 95.9%. Whisper it but we’re close to exceeding our target for the year if next week’s attendance is good. We can do it!

CAFE CLARK WAS CLOSED THIS WEEK (Disco took priority!)

Have a great weekend,

Steve Clark, Headteacher

Diary Dates


Tuesday 15th – Y5/6 Production @ 6.30 p.m. ‘Grease’

Wednesday 16th – Y5/6 Production @ 6.30 p.m. ‘Grease’

Thursday 17th – Year 6 Trip to Lightwater Valley

Friday 18th – School Closes for Summer Break


Monday 1st – Training Day

Tuesday 2nd – School Opens for autumn term.

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