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I spoke to the children in assembly on Monday about making the most of the summer term and all the exciting things it brings and we have been greeted by a fantastic weather week to emphasis the point! What a shame it’s due to end just as we get to the weekend. The children have, as ever, made a great start to the term and have settled into some brilliant learning already. I also spoke to them about change and how, although things change all of the time in our lives, there are some things that never change. We always expect the same high standards of effort , attainment and behaviour from the children and they rarely let us down. So, what does the summer term bring?

MEET THE LEADERSHIP TEAM – Monday 27th April 2015

Thank you to the people who have already replied to say they will be coming to our meeting on Monday but don’t worry if you haven’t, it’s not too late. We will be talking about the changes that we have implemented this year after the government introduced a new national curriculum and also about the changes we need to make to assessment and the way we report to you about your child’s progress. As I have mentioned previously in this blog, the new national curriculum no longer has levels as a way of measuring progress. On Monday we will be able to tell you about how we are going to measure progress for your children in this new world. There will be opportunities for you to raise questions about the way we arrange things in school, so come along and see us. We can promise a cup of tea and a biscuit, too!


We held our most recent meeting this week and there are a number of events planned for this term, as ever (see Diary Dates below). We really need to encourage more people to join us so that things are a little easier to run and it was lovely to see so many at the meeting on Wednesday. Please make sure that you look out for PTA newsletters and keep an eye on the noticeboard in the KS2 playground for more information. If you think you would like to help but don’t know who to contact, call into see the staff in the school office and they will help you out.


We held a conference for Trust governors this week and it was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the first five years of our shared venture. We were able to look back at our achievements and also think about the challenges we face as the world of education continues to change over the coming years. We really have achieved a lot since we began working closely together with our other local schools and children and families across our part of the city are seeing many benefits. Even being a member of the Trust brings some real rewards. Call in school and ask about member benefits as well as how you sign up to be a member. The big thing for us is that we are a Cooperative Trust and we need to make sure that members of our community have a real voice in how things grow and develop in the future. Please get involved so that you can have your say.


Not top of the list of items on this week’s blog but still a real issue for us. Those of us that use the school everyday know all too well that this remains a significant problem for us and our neighbours. I know that local councillors are involved in trying to help find a solution and if you want your say, please contact your ward councillor, either directly or by attending the regular meetings held in our area. The only real solution to this issue is to reduce the amount of car usage on the approaches to school so that children and their families have a much safer daily journey. It is Walk to School Week in May and we will be encouraging you and your children to take the opportunity to find an alternative to the car this term. As I’ve mentioned before, now that the weather is better the car park over at Temple Newsam is a brilliant place to avoid the crush on the roads. If you park there you then have a pleasant five minute walk across the field to school. Why not give it a go?


On Thursday, Mr Herbert took a small group of our budding scientists from Year 5 across to Temple Moor for the annual Golden Bunsen competition. Teams from all of our local schools had to build a ‘marble run’ to transport a marble across the room in as close to 60 seconds as possible (anyone remember the ‘Mousetrap’ game? Mr Herbert and I do!). Our children were, as always, an absolute credit to us and secured a very good second place finish. Well done, kids!


First week back, so let’s see what the attendance figures look like:

Cubs 1   92%         Cubs 2   95.5%

Tigers   98%       Cheetahs   97.7%

Lynx   95.7%        Snow Leopards   98.1%

Dolphins    97.9%        Penguins   92.1%

Polar Bears   98.7%     Sharks   99%

Panthers   99.3%          Golden Eagles   95.5%

Jaguars   92.8%

Well done to Panthers who sneaked a win with 99.3%, just ahead of Sharks with 99%. Well done to both classes. This gives us an overall attendance of 96.3%.


Here are this term’s first group of Stars, enjoying a drink and a biscuit while telling us all about their fabulous achievements in school this week. A brilliant group again! Keep up the good work, kids.

Café Clark  24th April 2015

Café Clark
24th April 2015

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Steve Clark, Headteacher


Monday 27th – ‘Meet the Leadership Team’ at 2.15 p.m. * Please note time change


Monday 11th – Assessment week, including Y6 SATs tests

Monday 18th – Y6 Residential all week. Kingswood, Doncaster

Friday 22nd – School Closes for Half Term


Monday 1st – School Opens after Half Term

Friday 5th  – Non uniform day re donations for summer fair (Chocolate!!)

Wednesday 24th – Parents meeting re new report format

Thursday 25th – Key Stage 1 visit to Bridlington

Saturday 27th – Summer Fair


Monday 6th – Training Day. School closed for children.

Friday 17th – PTA Summer Disco (in school time)

Tuesday 21st July – Last Day of summer term


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