Ground Control to Major Tim…

I know the heading to this piece promotes the British astronaut to Major but I couldn’t resist a reference to the late David Bowie today. For many of us, particularly those of a certain age, David Bowie’s music provided the soundtrack to much of our lives and I shared a bit of this with the children in assembly on Monday by playing ‘Starman’ as they came into the hall.

Tim Peake is, of course, the British astronaut currently working at the International Space Station and many of the children have been following his progress as he prepares for the first spacewalk ever by someone from the UK. Our Year 1 children have filmed some questions that are being sent to him in the hope that they might be invited to take part in a live link-up and ask him the questions in person. Exciting! This is part of their topic this term and other year groups are also engaged in some interesting themes at the moment.


Each term, learning in each year group is based around a theme or topic that we hope will interest and inspire the children. We can usually link reading, writing, maths, science, history and a whole range of other subjects to a central theme so that it sets learning into a context for the children and gives it meaning. Here’s what each year is studying this term:

Year 1: Intergalactic Explorers! (Wonder if they’ll find Life on Mars?)

Year 2: World War 2

Year 3: Vicious Vikings

Year 4: Eco Warriors

Year 5: Food, Glorious Food

Year 6: Disasters!

There are some great things happening for the children to get their teeth into this term. Ask them how they’re getting on.


We have been informed by Northern Gas that they will be blocking the bottom end of Templegate Avenue for two weeks from the 25th January while they carry out some improvements. There will be a diversion in place to take traffic along Templegate Rise. Please be aware if this part of your route to school. The attached picture isn’t very clear, I’m afraid, but it shows the blocked road and diversion. Let’s hope there is not too much disruption to your journey.

Northern Gas Monday 25th January

Northern Gas
Monday 25th January

TONG GARDEN CENTRE – Whitkirk’s new friends!

We all rely on the support of our friends in times of need and sometimes this support can come from unexpected sources! When children from the Lion’s class visited Tong Garden Centre before Christmas, the staff were so impressed with children from our school that they decided to do a collection to provide some extra resources at this special time. This picture shows the team along with a small selection  of the toys and games that they sent to school. What a brilliant, generous and considerate team they are and we can’t thank them enough for their thoughtfulness!


Things are definitely improving and we have a lot of classes in the high 90s this week, making our overall attendance rate a creditable 96.3%. Well done, everyone, especially the Pumas who managed 99.1%.

Cubs 1   97%             Cubs 2   94%

Tigers 94.1%            Cheetahs   96%

Lynx   98.3%           Snow Leopards   98%

Penguins   93.7%    Dolphins   96.6%

Sharks   98.3%        Polar Bears   95.6%

Panthers   98.7%     Golden Eagles   97.8%

Pumas   99.1%     Jaguars   91.3%


Here are this week’s stars! Another great group who talked a lot about how they support each other in school, both as friends and with their learning. The world would be a better place if everyone was as considerate as this great group of learners!

Stars of the Week  @ Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@ Café Clark

Enjoy the dry, bright and sunny weather while it lasts.

Have a good weekend!

Steve Clark, Headteacher



Wednesday 27th – Show Racism the Red Card (Whole school)

Thursday 28th – Show Racism the Red Card (Whole school)



Thursday 11th – Come Dine with Me (Year 5 classes)

Friday 12th – School closes for half term

Monday 22nd – Training Day

Tuesday 23rd – School reopens for children after half term.


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