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* Check Diary at the bottom of this page for some new dates, including Parents Evenings

We often have lots of visitors to our school and this term has been no exception so far. We have hosted meetings of teachers and school leaders from our Trust schools, who get together on a regular basis to make sure that we are developing the best practice for all children in our area. This work is really effective and particularly useful in times of great change. During the last year, all schools in the country have had to implement a new National Curriculum and develop a new way of assessing children. In the TNLP schools, we have worked closely together to make sure that we have the most effective systems and the best practice to support all of our children and we are lucky to be part of such a close family of schools.


This week, we also had a visit from our Local Authority School Improvement Advisor, whose role involves visiting schools to check on standards and to make sure that teaching and learning is good. Our advisor, Tim Richards, has been associated with our school for the past two years and has seen the work we have been doing at first hand. It is good to report that he is feeding back good things about our school and the quality of education we are providing for the children. He has seen us make many changes over recent years and he can tell that these changes are working well. As we always tell the children, hard work is the key to success in whatever you set out to achieve. Why don’t you come and see for yourself…

SEEING IS BELIEVING – Thursday 3rd March at 9 a.m.

The next of our school tours is to take place on Thursday 3rd March at 9 a.m. and we will be sending a letter of invitation to you straight after the half term break. The first of these tours was really well received by the parents who took part and we would like to take a slightly bigger group with us this time. We think we can probably accommodate around 8 parents each time. On this next visit, we plan to include a short input by the Catering Agency about school dinners (there may even be a few samples!). Look out for the letter after the holiday in February.

NATIONAL STORYTELLING WEEK – 1st – 5th February 2016

Who doesn’t love a good story? This annual celebration of storytelling is fast approaching and we will be encouraging the children to enjoy telling and listening to stories in a range of activities during the week. As a treat for the whole school, we have booked a professional storyteller to work across each year group on Thursday 4th February. The children already know Sean Cooney because he is also one third of The Young’uns who had such a successful day with us in December. It should be a real treat!


Looks like a bit of a dip from last week. Let’s look at each class:

Cubs 1   96.3%         Cubs 2   92%

Tigers   95%             Cheetahs   93%

Lynx   97.3%            Snow Leopards   93.3%

Dolphins   92.8%     Penguins   95.2%

Sharks 99.3%         Polar Bears   98.9%

Panthers 98.7%        Golden Eagles   97.8%

Pumas 93.5%           Jaguars 92.9%

Some really good figures – well done Sharks! – but also a few disappointing ones. Overall, we have achieved 95.5% attendance this week.

STARS OF THE WEEK @Café Clark Heaton

Mrs Heaton had the pleasure of welcoming the children to the Café this week. Here are this week’s Stars enjoying their treat. Well done, children!

Stars of the Week @ Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@ Café Clark


Have a good weekend, everyone!

Steve Clark, Headteacher




Wednesday 27th – Show Racism the Red Card (Whole school)

Thursday 28th – Show Racism the Red Card (Whole school)



Wednesday 3rd – Year 6 Parents Meeting re Assessment @ 6 p.m.

Thursday 11th – Come Dine with Me (Year 5 classes)

Friday 12th – School closes for half term

Monday 22nd – Training Day

Tuesday 23rd – School reopens for children after half term.

Wednesday 24th – Parents Evening 1

Thursday 25th – Parents Evening 2



Thursday 3rd – ‘Seeing is Believing’ school tour for parents.

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