Official – Whitkirk children are fantastic!

The recurring theme this week has been the praise our children have received from various people. We know how brilliant our children are but it is always nice to hear it confirmed when visitors come to school or when the children go out on visits. The visitors from ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ commented on how well the children responded to their sessions, especially how engaged and thoughtful they were during discussions. Year 5 classes went out on a visit using the normal service buses and were complimented during the bus journey on their fantastic behaviour. They visited Tesco in Seacroft as part of their ‘Food, Glorious Food’ topic and I received a phone call from Tesco to tell me how nice it was to have our children in store. It gives us such enormous pleasure to receive such praise and we are so proud of how the children at Whitkirk are growing up into such thoughtful and considerate individuals.

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card


All classes have had sessions with our visitors this week and they have been brilliant at discussing some really important topics. It was really interesting to explore and challenge our ideas about what we can tell about a person from their appearance. We make such a lot of assumptions about people before we get to know them and this can lead to conflict. We see this around the world every day. The more we can challenge prejudice, the better our world will be.

Challenging stereotypes in Year 3

Challenging stereotypes in Year 3


As I mentioned above, the Panthers and Golden Eagles classes had a visit to Tesco as part of their ‘Food, Glorious Food’ topic. They are looking at the whole business of where our food comes from, the retail side and a whole range of other related subjects. The visit was fantastic and our children represented our school brilliantly. At the end of this topic, the children will be inviting parents to a gourmet dining experience lovingly created by themselves. It should be great!


The good news is that, at long last, we are nearing a solution to our missing barrier problem! You may remember that the barrier was hit by the bin lorry back in September and it has taken until now to get the company to accept liability for the damage. I met with the loss adjuster today and he has said that we should now instruct the contractor to carry out the repair. With a bit of luck it will be repaired during half term. Fingers crossed!


A great effort by the Lynx this week but a few classes struggling with low attendance.

Cubs 1   88%              Cubs 2   91.3%

Tigers   90.7%          Cheetahs   94.3%

Lynx   98.7%              Snow Leopards   90.7%

Dolphins   93.1%      Penguins   96.9%

Sharks   97.6%           Polar Bears   98.5%

Panthers   97.7%       Golden Eagles   96.3%

Pumas   96.5%           Jaguars   95%

That makes our whole school figure 94.6%. This is below our target for the year so let’s see if we can improve on it next week.


Here are this week’s stars, enjoying the chance to celebrate their achievements along with children from across the school. It is always a treat when our youngest and oldest children get together for a chat. They can learn so much from each other.

Stars of the Week @Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@Café Clark

See you all on Monday.

Steve Clark, Headteacher



Wednesday 3rd – Year 6 Parents Meeting re Assessment @ 6 p.m.

Thursday 11th – Come Dine with Me (Year 5 classes)

Friday 12th – School closes for half term

Monday 22nd – Training Day

Tuesday 23rd – School reopens for children after half term.

Wednesday 24th – Parents Evening 1

Thursday 25th – Parents Evening 2



Thursday 3rd – ‘Seeing is Believing’ school tour for parents.

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