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Another varied and interesting week in school draws to a close and we are looking forward to a pleasant weekend. This is a great chance to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Wednesday this week was appalling and we could not get the children outside for some playtime. We were reminded of how important it is to get regular breaks, preferably outside, if children are to do their best learning.



As you may already be aware, next week is School’s Autism Awareness Week.

At Whitkirk Primary, we have a fully inclusive ethos and help our children all year round to understand and embrace each other’s differences and support each other with challenges they may face.  We use various approaches in class, such as visual timetables, to support all of our children, as well as specific differentiation and additional support for our pupils who benefit from this.  Our aim is always to teach our children that we are all unique and to promote a culture of equality.

With next week being Autism Awareness Week, you may want to take a look at the National Autistic Society’s website where you can learn more about autism and Autism Awareness Month:



We had the opportunity this week to take a small group of children to Leeds Town Hall for this brilliant musical event. We were able to offer places to children who take extra music lessons in school and they had a great time. Miss Sterland did a brilliant job of organising and accompanying the children and she tells me that our children were, once again, fantastic examples of our school at its best! Thanks kids!

Youth Prom at Leeds Town Hall

Youth Prom at Leeds Town Hall


Our regular photographers are in school next Thursday to take class group pictures that will then be available for you to buy and keep as a memento. No individual photographs will be taken on the day so there are no special arrangements. Just make sure the children are in uniform and look their usual gorgeous selves and we’ll make sure they get a good picture.

SPORT RELIEF – Friday 18th March

Along with the rest of the country, we will be taking part in Sport Relief next Friday. I hope you saw Miss Morris’s letter recently giving you all the details. The children can, for a donation to this brilliant charity, come dressed in their favourite sporting outfit, ready to take part in fun activities during the day. With a bit of luck, the weather will be good and we will be able to use the field for some of this – fingers crossed!


We have received such a lot of good feedback from parents telling us how much you (and the children) are enjoying the weekly assemblies in each Key Stage. This week, we have also had a few questions about the timings and the amount of notice we can give so that you can make arrangements to come in and join us, especially if you have children in both key stages. We have always held Great Learning Assemblies and this year we thought it would be good to open this up to parents. In order to do this we moved both assemblies to Friday but we had to take into account the possible disruption to learning time when deciding on start times. Our days are so full and hall time so precious that we could only do it if we put them at either end of the school day. We realise that this can be difficult but we can’t think of a better way to do it.

Also, some parents were concerned about the amount of notice we give if your child is to receive a certificate. We need the rewards for the children to be very immediate, about that particular week’s achievements or effort, so we couldn’t really flag it up for you any earlier than we do and still make it relevant and effective for the children. These certificates are really appreciated by the children and something they strive to achieve, so we need them to be rewarded during the same week.

Thank you for raising these questions and for your attendance at the assemblies. I know that the arrangement can’t suit everyone but we really appreciate your support.


As you will know, Mrs Hodgson begins her maternity leave next week and I have written today to the parents in the class to let them know about the arrangements for her cover. I am delighted to announce that we have appointed Mrs Gillian Wright-McCormick to our team and she will teach the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for remainder of this school year.


As Easter approaches, make sure you check the diary section below because in Leeds we do things a little differently from other authorities! The city made the decision some time ago to fix the timing of the Easter holiday so that we have more regular term lengths and this sometimes means, as this year, that the Easter weekend falls outside of the two week holiday. We are closed for the weekend on Friday 25th and Monday 28th March and then we close for the Easter holidays on Friday 1st April (no joke!).


Cubs with a rainy fire engine!

Cubs with a rainy fire engine!

It seems that no week goes by without some exciting event to enliven and enrich the curriculum for our children and this week is no exception! On Wednesday, the Fire Service brought an engine for our Reception children to explore and gave them a brilliant talk about fire safety. On the same day, our Year 4 children presented a fashion show and a brilliant display of learning to parents about their Eco-Warriors topic. The clothes they made from recycled materials were fantastic and the event was really well attended. Thank you for your support.

A great turn out for Year 4's fashion show!

A great turn out for Year 4’s fashion show!


Cubs 1   91%             Cubs 2   90.7%

Tigers   97.4%          Cheetahs   98.7%

Lynx   95.3%             Snow Leopards  92.1%

Penguins   94.1%      Dolphins   96.4%

Panthers   98.3%     Golden Eagles   97%

Pumas   96.1%          Jaguars   97.4%

Our weekly total is below our target figure – we have 95.2% this week and our annual target is 96%. Let’s not fall behind! Well done, Cheetahs!


Here are this week’s stars enjoying their treat this afternoon. They were brilliant at sharing their achievements. What we learned in Café Clark today is that it is really hard not to smile when someone smiles at you! Try it!

Stars of the Week @ Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@ Café Clark

Have a good weekend.

Steve Clark, Headteacher



Thursday 17th – Tempest Photography (Class Groups – no individuals or family groups)

Friday 18th – Sport Relief event

Friday 25th – School Closed (Good Friday)

Monday 28th – School Closed (Easter Monday)

Wednesday 30th – M&M Theatre Group, ‘The Hobbit’


Friday 1st – School closes for the Easter holiday

Monday 18th – School opens again for the summer term

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