Parents’ Feedback, Assessment Changes and Some Baby News

It is always nice to begin our week with some good (if slightly unexpected) news. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, Mrs Hodgson was due to begin her maternity leave on Wednesday this week. Well, baby Hodgson clearly hadn’t read the blog and decided that he couldn’t wait any longer! He put in an unexpectedly early appearance at around 9 o’clock on Monday morning. Although he has yet to be named, we do know that mother and son are both doing really well and we hope to see them both in school soon.

SEEING IS BELIEVING TOUR – parents’ reports.

As promised, here is some feedback from your representatives on the recent tour of school. Three parents came along to view the school for themselves and to talk to us about the developments in teaching and learning that we have been working on this year. It was a real treat, as ever, to show people the work we are doing and the wonderful children we get to work with every day. Here’s what they said abut our school:

It really is a wonderful, safe and nurturing place for children to learn and develop.”

“The pride yourself, Ms Stanhope, the staff and the pupils took in “showing off” the school and, more importantly,  the learning that goes on, clearly demonstrated the hard work that is going on everyday at Whitkirk.”

“I would strongly encourage all parents to go on one of these tours. It was time well spent.”

“It was really interesting to hear about the approach the school is taking to meeting the needs of children and understanding one approach doesn’t work for everyone.”

“Seeing the children learning in their classrooms was lovely.”

“On this walk round, I found out that Whitkirk is even more impressive, as the quality of teaching is  outstanding and the children are flourishing with their learning and getting support when needed.”

“It was great to see the children really getting on with learning even though had visitors in their class and the writing skills were fantastic!”

As one of the parents said, it would be great for more of you to come along on one of the next tours and experience it for yourselves. Thank you very much to the three that came this time and especially for your feedback. I’ll let you know the date for the next tour soon.


The Department for Education has just issued some guidance for parents on the latest news about assessment and testing in Year 2 and Year 6. As you may know, children at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are assessed at national level and the results for each school are published by the government each year. You can find out more information here:


Our children have decided that ‘Guided Reading’ is a boring name for the new ways that we are teaching reading and sharing books with the whole class. They told us they much prefer ‘Reading Club’ or ‘Book Club’, so that’s what we are going to call it from now on. If you hear your children talking excitedly about what they read in ‘Reading Club or ‘Book Club’ you’ll know what they mean!


After last week’s disappointing showing, let’s see if things have improved over the past five days…

Cubs 1     96.7%                Cubs 2   79.3%

Tigers  98.1%                Cheetahs   94.3%

Lynx   91%                        Snow Leopards   96.9%

Penguins   81%                Dolphins   97.5%

Sharks   89.7%                 Polar Bears   90.7%

Panthers   95.3%             Golden Eagles   96.3%

Pumas   95.2%                 Jaguars   88.7%

Weekly total: 92.2%   “____________________” (This is me being speechless. Doesn’t happen very often!)


This week we had a great discussion about our favourite sports and why we liked to play or watch them. We agreed that enjoying sport was a great way to have a healthy lifestyle. Here they are in their sports gear.

Stars of the Week  @Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@Café Clark

Have a good weekend!

Steve Clark, Headteacher



Friday 18th – Sport Relief event

Friday 25th – School Closed (Good Friday)

Monday 28th – School Closed (Easter Monday)

Wednesday 30th – M&M Theatre Group, ‘The Hobbit’


Friday 1st – School closes for the Easter holiday

Monday 18th – School opens again for the summer term

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