‘Seeing is Believing’ and School Development Plan details

The half term started well on Monday with a brilliant assembly. Firstly, we had our Year 3 children dressed as characters from history as part of their inspiration day and then a group of our Junior Leaders gave a short presentation to the school about behaviour. We had shared the results of the annual pupil survey with the children and the Junior Leaders had chance to discuss how we deal with inappropriate behaviour, something that the children feel very strongly about. As usual, they did it brilliantly! They were able to talk about why some children misbehave and what we can all do to help when this happens in class. Very thought-provoking!

SEEING IS BELIEVING – Tour of school, Tuesday 8th November at 9 a.m.

Look out for a letter today inviting you to take part in our latest school tour. This is a chance for a group of up to eight parents to come along and see the school on a normal working day. The tour usually takes about an hour and parents who have been before have found it very useful and informative. If you want to take part, fill in the slip on the letter or simply let the school office know before Tuesday.


After a few teething problems, we are just about ready to start using the Parent Mail system – look out for a message shortly. However, we are conscious that we only have around 60% of parents who have registered an email address. Please contact the office if you want help with this or any other aspect of the new system.


As usual, the parents evenings this week were really well attended and I know that parents who came along found them to be a really valuable way of finding out about the progress their children are making. If you didn’t manage to make it to either evening, please contact school so that you can arrange a time to meet your child’s teacher.


The reward afternoon for the winning team went really well on Tuesday with the children enjoying a range of autumn themed craft activities. The winning house, Draco, were a little overdue a win, with their last victory coming almost a year ago. Who will it be next time?



We have been busy putting details on our three main school development priorities for this year and, as promised, I can now share some of these areas with you. Here are a few of the strands we are working on within the three main priorities for this year. The plan itself is a working document and, as such, it evolves as the year goes on and the work progresses. It includes detailed success criteria, timescales and information about specific actions. This is simply a brief summary:

1. Attainment of disadvantaged pupils – including:

  • removing barriers to learning for individual children
  • ensuring all children are ready to learn
  • improving attendance of disadvantaged children
  • accelerate language development

2. English (writing focus)

  • improve spelling so that children achieve higher standards in writing
  • improve handwriting standards
  • create exciting and engaging opportunities so that children are enthusiastic about writing

3. Improve the quality of teaching and learning

  • lessons designed to accelerate progress for all children
  • children taught strategies to help with their learning (meta cognition)
  • increase number of children meeting standards in maths so that it is in line with reading and writing

As ever, I will keep you posted about our progress through the year.


Who will be the proud winners of this week’s attendance trophy (and extra playtime!)?

Cubs 1   91.3%                             Cubs 2   89.6%

Tigers   96.2%                             Cheetahs   98.3%

Lynx   96.7%                               Snow Leopards   100%

Dolphins   97.3%                       Penguins   97%

Sharks   93.8%                           Polar Bears   99.3%

Panthers   93.5%                       Golden Eagles   97.4%

Pumas   98.1%                           Jaguars   95.3%

That gives us an overall figure of 96%. Well done, everyone, and especially the Snow Leopards with a brilliant 100%.


Here are this week’s Stars! We spent time thinking of words to describe an ideal friend and it was interesting that the same words kept coming up: kind, helpful, funny, caring, loyal (good word!) and smart came up a few times amongst the children. They were good fun and very proud of their efforts this week. Well done, kids!

Stars of the Week @ Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@ Café Clark

Have a good weekend!

Steve Clark, Headteacher



Wednesday 2nd – Parents’ Evening 1

Thursday 3rd – Parents Evening 2

Tuesday 8th – ‘Seeing is Believing’: School tour for parents

Thursday 10th – Open Day: Reception 2017

Tuesday 15th – The Young’uns: Singing workshops



Friday 2nd – M&M Theatre – Dick Whittington

Wednesday 7th – Christmas Performance (Years 3 and 4) 2.15 and 6 p.m.

Tuesday 13th – Christmas Service at St Mary’s Church

Wednesday 14th Christmas Performance (Years 1 and 2) 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

Thursday 15th – Christmas Performance (Reception) 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

Thursday 15th – Year 5 and Year 6: Mince Pie Medley! 6 p.m.

Friday 16th – School closes for Christmas holiday




Monday 2nd – Bank Holiday: School closed

Tuesday 3rd – TRAINING DAY: School closed for children



Tuesday 28th – Parents Evening 1



Wednesday 1st – Parents Evening 2

Friday 31st – TRAINING DAY: School closed for children



Monday 19th – Health Week

Tuesday 20th – Sports Day



Monday 10th – TRAINING DAY: School closed for children

Wednesday 26th – Last day of term

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