Seeing is Believing and Sponsored Sports!

What a week it has been! Our children have been really engaged in global politics in a way that we rarely see and they had some very strong views on the outcome of the US presidential elections. It’s great to see such engagement from our citizens of tomorrow. They have also been enthusiastic in school this week, no more so than on Wednesday during our sponsored sports event. More on that later.

SEEING IS BELIEVING – Parents’ feedback

It was great to welcome three parents on the latest of our ‘Seeing is Believing’ tours on Tuesday. We managed to get into almost all classes in school in just over an hour so we were quite busy! During the visits to classrooms, the parents had the chance to talk to the children, observe teaching and learning, look in books and ask questions about what they had seen. We are very grateful that people will give up their time to find out what a typical school day is like for the children and I think they all found it useful. Here are a few of the comments we collected on the day:

  • “It was nice to see settled classrooms and that all children were engaged and focussed.”
  • “I liked the positive encouragement on the walls”
  • “I liked when the children were doing symmetry (Y6) and the teacher supported them with mirrors.”
  • “I think it was very good that teachers focussed on different groups in some classrooms and they all take turns.”
  • “The staff seemed happy and enthusiastic which was nice to see.”
  • “I had a few doubts about the school but coming in today has changed my perspective.”

Look out for news of the next tour in the spring term and take your chance to take part.


JAMES KIRTON – GB Olympian visits school and inspires children

I hope the children came home suitably tired on Wednesday! They had worked extremely hard during their circuits session in order to raise lots of sponsorship money to buy PE equipment for our school. All classes really enjoyed their sessions and then they were inspired by James’ description of how hard he worked to achieve to such a high level in swimming. We were so proud of our children as James asked them what they should do if they were struggling with something that they found hard. Their answers ranged from “Try your best” to “Never give up” and everything in between. These are the values and beliefs that our children are developing in school and will lead them to becoming successful adults. Well done, kids! We are very proud of you.

SNOW? WHAT SNOW? Year 1 on the Gruffalo Trail

While the country was grinding to a halt because of a few snow flakes on Wednesday, our intrepid Year 1 team stuck to their plans for the visit to Nell Bank…and were really pleased that they had made the effort! The children were fantastic and had a fabulous time engaging in outdoor and indoor activities related to the brilliant Gruffalo book. They were, as ever, a real credit to our school and apparently Nell Bank has never looked more beautiful. Well worth the effort!


Well, not quite all yet, but we’re working on it. Our plan is that Tweets from the class feeds will automatically be posted on the class pages of the website. Some are now live and others will be online soon. Our website developers are working on it. If you want to look at some that are open now, you can find them by following this link:


Children should have a note from the PTA about this year’s Christmas cards today. Designs need to be completed and in to school by Thursday 17th (that’s next week!) so that they are back in time for the festive period.


Let’s see which class has won the trophy (and some extra playtime!) this week.

Cubs 1   94%                             Cubs 2   92.8%

Tigers   89.7%                          Cheetahs   98.7%

Lynx   96.7%                             Snow Leopards   97.3%

Penguins   98.9%                     Dolphins   96.7%

Sharks   96.2%                          Polar Bears   96.9%

Panthers   97.4%                       Golden Eagles   97.4%

Pumas   97.7%                           Jaguars  100%

There are some really great class figures this week, giving us an overall attendance of 96.4%. It seems you have to have 100% attendance to win the weekly award these days! Well done to Jaguars!!


Miss Stanhope had the pleasure of meeting our Stars of the Week today and it looks like they had a great time! Well done, children. You should be very proud of your achievements!

Stars of the Week @Café Clark

Stars of the Week
@Café Clark

See you all on Monday!

Steve Clark, Headteacher





Tuesday 8th – ‘Seeing is Believing’: School tour for parents

Thursday 10th – Open Day: Reception 2017

Tuesday 15th – The Young’uns: Singing workshops



Friday 2nd – M&M Theatre – Dick Whittington

Wednesday 7th – Christmas Performance (Years 3 and 4) 2.15 and 6 p.m.

Tuesday 13th – Christmas Service at St Mary’s Church

Tuesday 13th – Christmas Lunch

Wednesday 14th Christmas Performance (Years 1 and 2) 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

Thursday 15th – Christmas Performance (Reception) 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

Thursday 15th – Year 5 and Year 6: Mince Pie Medley! 6 p.m.

Friday 16th – School closes for Christmas holiday




Monday 2nd – Bank Holiday: School closed

Tuesday 3rd – TRAINING DAY: School closed for children



Tuesday 28th – Parents Evening 1



Wednesday 1st – Parents Evening 2

Friday 31st – TRAINING DAY: School closed for children



Monday 19th – Health Week

Tuesday 20th – Sports Day



Monday 10th – TRAINING DAY: School closed for children

Wednesday 26th – Last day of term

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