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In Sharks class we have had an action packed start to the year! The thing we were most excited about in year 4 was the opportunity to go swimming. We haven’t decided which part we like the best, getting in the pool or getting on the bus! We have been put into 4 groups for swimming and we all enjoy learning new, life-saving skills together.

In the classroom, in English, we have been imagining what life would be like living on a Paradise Island. The stories we have written about this will be read to our class story dragon named Legend. Legend is a dragon who is very hungry for stories! We think he will particularly enjoy ours.

If you were to be asked if sand was a solid or liquid what would you say? We know it is a solid even though it pretends to act like a liquid (by pouring)! We have been learning all about states of matter through lots of different experiments. We even felt Mrs Stubbs’ son’s Paw Patrol foam soap and experimented with jelly to test our theories! We are looking forward to lots more hands on experiments in the next few weeks.

Keep your eye on the year 4 twitter page for more updates and news!

Mrs Stubbs

Year 4


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