We have had a tricky but amazing half term so far. The snow has proven quite disruptive over the last couple of weeks but we have worked doubly as hard during lesson time to make up for lost time.

Penguins have been putting in lots of effort into our learning this term to make sure we are putting lots of description into our writing, measuring perimeters accurately, investigating plants in science as well as study the differences of the lives of children in Africa. I think it’s safe to say we’ve had a lot on our plate!

We have had a wonderful time investigating the mystery of the slime for National Story Telling Week and we are looking forward to science week next week as well as our trip to Lotherton hall on Tuesday.

Two of my pupils (Noah and George) have written a few sentences about our lessons at the moment –

“This week in English we have been looking into the mysterious arrival of slime! We have seen the vile, green liquid around school. Our writing has been describing the sticky, gruesome substance. 

Also this week in our maths we have been measuring in mm, cm and m and today we have learned to measure the perimeter of shapes. Did you know that the perimeter of our display board is 3m and 9cm?

In science, we have been learning about plants especially enjoying how they reproduce. We’re loving this topic. This week we are going to dissect a lily into different sections”

As a teacher, I am very much enjoying my class of bright, happy and successful students. Each day, they make me smile with joy as I see their learning improving from strength to strength. I am also enjoying running the school choir on Mondays and we hope to work towards representing the school at Young Voices next year.

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