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Welcome back everyone from the Easter break, we hope you have all had a great Easter over the two week period and are now ready for this coming half term. We know Cheetahs enjoyed lots of chocolate and family time. Below are some quotes about what Easter means to the Cheetahs Class.

Miller,“Easter is about family time.”

Scarlett, “It’s about new life and eggs.”

Jack, “It’s when you get to eat so much chocolate! “

Ethan, “To me it’s time to think of Jesus.”

We are sure we can all relate and identify to each individual and what the meaning of Easter is.

This first week back has been spring themed, although it has felt like summer! Cheetahs have explored spring vocabulary followed by creating their very own spring poems. Science has linked perfectly, with Mrs Jackson carrying out a wild flower hunt which included seeing one poppy, a million daises, a few forget -me knots and a couple of dandelions not to mention the daffodils.

Our class’s definition of the difference between wild and garden flowers was;

Wild Flowers – a flower where no one plants them they are a part of nature and nature spreads them.

Garden Flowers – a flower where someone who plants them on purpose not from the area.

We did have a bit of confusion as we thought daisies were both in your garden and a wild flower, but after lots of discussion we can now distinguish between wild and common garden flowers.

At the end of our first week, we went out with a BANG!

“Detective Training Day” was a huge success, so we wanted to tell you all about the amazing new topic which we started on Friday.


Year 1 entered Detective Training on Friday and we can safely say we took this very seriously! The outfits were great and the children have taken to the topic with extreme enthusiasm. We now have a whole cohort of qualified detectives certified by myself and Mrs Diop along with the rest of the year 1 team!  During the day we got to create our own spy passports, learn three ways to write secret messages, decode a mystery note, not to mention make props for our head quarters!

The quotes below sum up how much fun we had, not only that but life long learning which they will remember forever.

Eddie, “This is the best day ever.”

Jack, “We are real detectives now.”

Polly , “I’ve cracked all the code.”

Perry, “We need to solve the clues to solve the mystery.”

Xander , “I’m going to write Spain on my secret identify as if I write England they may find me.”

Over this half term we will be detecting local facts and looking at our local area both in geography, history and in science.

We also wanted to tell you all about our Math’s learning. Where we have just started solving multiplication problems using multiples of 2 ,5 and 10.

Mia – “Counting in 2, 5 and 10 is the best!”

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