Panthers: Who said that learning is restricted to a classroom?

As many of the classes, Whitkirk staff and parents know, Year 5 defied the education stereotype and embraced the outdoors last week – and we loved it! All of the pupils took their learning outside, engaging in maths, English, topic, PE and even RE. Our focus was team work; each pupil was given a chart on Monday that they had to update throughout the week. If they demonstrated exceptional teamwork, which was in abundance, they received teamwork points. Friday afternoon consisted of an awards ceremony where 3 dazzling team players from each class won prizes for their efforts. We truly became an accepting, supportive community that embraced collaboration and motivated others. So, in the true spirit of teamwork and partnership, we have decided to share our best moments with you.


The highlight of Monday is a tricky one to place. Although we had colossal fun combining fitness and learning about 3D shapes, the unparalleled excitement during the Mayan fact hunt had to be the highlight of the day. Groups of 2 were racing around the playground, desperately trying to find all of the facts about the Mayan religion – which may we say is wonderfully gruesome and gory – before all the other teams. Despite Miss Burton’s sneaky hiding places, a number of groups came out on top at exactly the same time!


Tuesday afternoon once again saw the Year 5 pupils stretching their legs and racing around the playground eagerly. In a teamwork driven relay race, pupils raced to collect jigsaw pieces that eventually unveiled the facts about Islamic fasting during Ramadan. Not only did we become Ramadan experts, we enhanced our fitness and our teamwork skills. Who said school was just about maths and English? Tosh.


Wednesday saw both Year 5 classes absorbed into their double PE session. They were charged with the task of designing an obstacle course that eventually had to become competitive. Miss Burton and Miss Oglesby were overwhelmed with joy when the pupils decided to solve their own disputes and disagreements using ‘rock, paper, scissors’.


Although Year 5 were outdoors and active for most of the day, many of us agree that one of the best moments was sitting down to get our breath back. Simply huddling under the trees and getting lost in the world of our class text (Middleworld) enchanted adults and pupils alike. Sometimes the simpler things in life are the best!


Year 5 ‘Fun Fridays‘  was back with a bang! To finish off the week the pupils basked in the glorious sun whilst measuring and calculating angles. They stretched out on the playground, lay on the cooling grass and stooped over the picnic benches. The relaxed but thought-provoking maths session was the perfect way to end a chock-a-block – but out of this world – week.

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