Week Ending 01.03.2019

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been a pleasure to welcome back all of the children, parents, carers and staff this week.  I trust you have had a restful and happy half term break! Welcome back!

During this week the children and staff have started a project called Friendship Fortnight. The aim of the project is to support all of our children to focus on our agreed school values. The children have focussed on Respect, Trust, Forgiveness. and Friendship.   Having friends, and learning to share, cooperate, listen to each other, be kind and respect each other’s views are important skills and attitudes to help our children make strong relationships with each other and to feel happy. Developing responsible and caring citizens is a key element of our school curriculum.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the online parent survey.  Whist the vast majority of feedback has been very positive a minority of feedback indicates there is more to be done to support all of our children to have strong friendships with their peers and classmates.

 As your newly appointed Headteacher I am committed to ensuring Whitkirk is a happy, safe and exciting learning community and it is important to me that all the needs of the children and parents are addressed.  I have already started, with the support of Mrs Heaton , a review of the School Behaviour Policy to ensure there are clear rewards and sanctions, that are  clearly understood by the children, staff and community. Once it is completed in draft, I would like to invite parents, children and governors to give feedback before it is finally introduced.

 I have also arranged for a nationally recognised expert in promoting positive relationships and behaviours to work with the school. Jenny Mosley will work with the teachers and support staff to develop ways of working and strategies for promoting outstanding behaviour for learning in the classroom and outside in the playground and community.

To support children in playing cooperatively and to be kind and inclusive Miss Gill has provided training materials this week for teachers to support them in teaching children to play a range of games in the playground at lunchtime. This has had an impact already and many children have reported having enjoyable lunchtimes and playtimes.

Our school assemblies this week have also focussed on Being a Good Friend and what this looks like in terms of our every day behaviours. Children have been encouraged to consider random acts of kindness, both at school and at home.  I do hope you have received a random act of kindness from your child this week? Perhaps they have volunteered to help you with the washing up or helped with the tidying up! Do let me know!

On a final note thank you to all of the parents, staff and PTA who supported the children and families to have a lovely time at the School Disco last half term. That was truly very kind and helpful!

Kind regards,

Michelle Kouni

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