COVID-19 Risk Assessments 2020

It has been such a strange and difficult time over the past months so our priority this year is, as ever, settling children into school and ensuring they feel safe and happy. We will be supporting children to feel settled within our warm and inclusive school, allowing them to reconnect with their peers and continue their learning journey.

We have gone through a rigorous risk assessment process to ensure that we are able to reopen our doors to pupils with real confidence. We hope that the following documents will be useful to help you see how we have planned for a safe opening in September 2020. We are confident that we have taken measures to create a safe environment for pupils to ensure and learn in. We have focused on reducing airborne transmission through adequate ventilation, distancing wherever possible and consistent bubble arrangements. We have also arranged for additional cleaning during the school day, we will continue to support good hygiene including regular hand washing and promoting “catch it, bin it, kill it” throughout school. We also have created contingency plans should there be an infection in school.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Full Reopening Sept 2020
Appendix 1 – A Guide for Parents Carers
Appendix 8 – Drop off and pick up protocols
Appendix 9 – Curriculum
Appendix 13 – Remote Teaching and Learning

Please visit Tiny Tots, Whikidz and TNLP websites for their individual risk assessments.