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Individual Attendance Rewards

  • If a pupil attends school every day in a week, they will earn a raffle ticket that will be entered into a termly raffle to win a grand prize.
       (Every week a child attends every day = A raffle ticket every week)
  •  If a pupil meets the school target of at least 97% or above in each half term, they will be able to attend a class trip/reward. Rewards will be voted for by the class and may include: an afternoon trip to the park with ice cream, ICT afternoon, cinema trip.
  • If your child attends a 100% of the school year, they will be invited to the whole-school reward trip at the end of Summer Term.

Class Attendance Rewards

  • If your child’s class have the highest attendance for that day, they will earn an extra 10 minutes afternoon break that day.
  •  If you child’s class have the highest weekly attendance across school, they will earn a £5 note that the class will bank and then spend at the end of a ½ term or term.


Which class will win the £5 Class Attendance reward this week?