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Maths at Whitkirk

At Whitkirk we believe Maths is fun! In our daily lives we use Maths constantly, whether we are measuring up for a new carpet, buying a loaf of bread or checking the times of the next bus, Maths is an integral part of everything we do. At Whitkirk our aim is to ensure that all of our pupils develop these essential basic Maths skills (including arithmetic) which they can then apply to a range of problems and situations. 

What calculation methods do we use at Whitkirk?
The videos below show our pupils demonstrating some of the written calculation methods we use in school.
Maths Calculation policy
Year 5 & 6 Short Division
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Year 6 Long Division
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Big Maths

As part of our drive to improve Maths standards we have invested in 'Big Maths'. The 'Big Maths' approach provides a structure for pupils to improve the key Maths skills of counting, rapid recall of number facts, application of these number facts and calculation. Pupils will be improving their mental Maths by learning to rapidly recall key facts or 'Learn its'. Pupils will be practising these daily in class and will be completing a 'Learn its' challenge every Friday. As well as practising our 'Learn its' in school pupils will need to practise these at home too. It is really important that pupils can recall their 'Learn its' instantly. Please click on the links below to see examples of the rapid recall of number bonds and the 10 times table. If the videos fail to load please copy and paste the link into your browser. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByKqjbxmDbrCZjlnSW9wZ3F3Nlk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByKqjbxmDbrCQ2g4VUI2Nk5GRlU

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