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Junior Leader - Job Description
Role and Responsibilities:
  • Represent your class and attend Junior Leader meetings every week.
  • Work with your teacher and class to make sure that class meetings take place weekly.
  • Capture the voice of your classmates and communicate these ideas at your meeting
  • Monitor jobs around school
  • Make suggestions for changes
  • Be heard!
What our Junior Leaders have to say about our school:
"Whitkirk is a wonderful place where everyone is kind to each other."
"My favourite thing about Whitkirk is that it’s wonderful and welcoming."
"I like Whitkirk because if anyone is hurt or upset we help them."
"Wonderful Whitkirk welcomes you!"
"Lovely learning lets children experience life at Whitkirk."
"Activities at Whitkirk help children to build on their teamwork and make new friendships."
"I love the after school clubs because they are fun and allow children to try new things."
"The teachers and staff help children to feel confident about themselves."
"Whitkirk is a wonderful environment for children to learn in."

Our new Junior Leaders