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At Whitkirk Primary School we value:


Children being challenged in their learning and having a desire to learn, relishing the sense of fulfilment that personal achievement brings.


Our school being outward facing and playing an important role in the local community. We actively seek to create and sustain relationships with other organisations within the local area.


Our staff being approachable and committed to going the ‘extra mile ’for our children.


The inclusive nature of our school. We embrace difference and diversity and we are relentless in our ambition to ensure that all pupils receive the support they need to learn to the very best of their ability.


Resilience in our pupils and our adults. Knowing that learning can be difficult however, through persevering, the ultimate sense of achievement will be even greater.


The development opportunities for adults throughout our school; learning for every member of our staff team is part of our core purpose.


Teamwork within our school. Teams at every level in school are key to our success through collective responsibility for learning.


The Whitkirk Way. Children being fairly rewarded for their efforts and our responsibility to encourage children to make the best choices.


Children feeling safe, happy and valued. Humour and a sense of optimism are key qualities that we encourage in pupils and adults.


Relationships. Working closely with others such as parents, carers and governors to achieve our shared goals.


Our Core Values are


Resilience – Challenge – Commitment – Community – Relationships


These core values were established through liaising with our key stakeholders. This invovled, children, parents and carers, staff, governors and the wider community.

We used surveys, collaborative online documents, parents drop ins and staff meetings to gather the opinions of everyone about what was special, and what we valued most, about our school.


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That children leave Whitkirk Primary School:


  • Having fulfilled their academic potential
  • Being socially and emotionally strong
  • With their passion for learning ignited
  • With a tolerant and empathetic attitude to others
  • With a positive and optimistic attitude towards life
  • Embracing mistakes as part of learning

Vision and Values setting - the process





Vision and Values setting - the process