Mr M Dawson – Headteacher
Miss G Quarmby – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Downes – Assistant Headteacher and SENCO
Mrs Martin – Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour


EYFS Team:

EYFS Leader – Miss L Emery 

Miss Emery – YRLE Teacher
Miss J Sanderson – YRJS Teacher
Mr I Wright – Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss M Ferns – Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Fewster – Reception Teaching Assistant (SNA)

KS1 Team: 

KS1 Leader – Miss G Quarmby

Miss J Lynch – Y1JL Teacher
Miss J Cook – Y1JC Teacher
Mrs K Diop – Y2KDi Teacher
Miss K Dougan – Y2KDo Teacher
Mrs S Killen – Y1JL Teaching Assistant (Mon-Wed)
Mrs K Lambourne – Y1JL Teaching Assistant (Thurs, Fri)
Mrs N Eamonson – Y1JC Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Walker – Y2KDi Teaching Assistant, HLTA
Ms M Pease – Y2KDo Teaching Assistant
Miss S Chapman – Y2 Teaching Assistant

LKS2 Team:

LKS2 Leader – Miss C Odor

Miss N Tomlinson – Y3NT Teacher
Miss R Dougall – Y3RD Teacher
Miss C Odor – Y4CO Teacher
Miss A Richardson – Y4AR Teacher
Mrs C Kinlough – Y3NT Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Johnson – Y3RD Teaching Assistant
Miss J Woodward – Y4CO Teaching Assistant
Miss S Chapman – Y4CO Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Tomlinson – Y4AR Teaching Assistant (Mon-Wed)
Miss L Hathaway – Y4AR Teaching Assistant (Wed-Fri)

UKS2 Team:

UKS2 Leader – Mrs R Martin 

Mr A Stout – Y5AS Teacher
Miss J Bryan – Y5JB Teacher
Mrs R Martin – Y6RM Teacher
Miss J Carroll – Y6JC Teacher
Mrs L Jowitt – Y5AS Teaching Assistant
Mr N Hanson – Y5AS Teaching Assistant
Mr G Shooter – Y5JB Teaching Assistant
Miss B Appleyard – Y6RM Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Gale – Y6 Teaching Assistant, HLTA
Mrs A Coggan – Y6JC Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Team:

Mrs A Downes – SENCO
Ms S Fletcher – Learning Mentor
Miss E Taylor – Learning Mentor, HLTA

Finance, Admin and Site Team:

Mrs D Potter – HR and Operations Manager (Mon-Wed)
Mrs K Bell – Business Manager
Ms K Kaur – Adminstrator
Mrs A Mannion – Administrator (Mon-Wed)
Mr S Chamberlin – Superintendent
Mrs R Stevens – Cleaner and Key Holder

Lunchtime and Catering Team:

Mrs M Gaughan  – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Southwell – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Robbins – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Grunshaw – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs G Dutu – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Stevens – Cook
Ms J Nelson – Kitchen Assistant
Ms D Potter – Kitchen Assistant

Ms C Sposato – Kitchen Assistant