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At Whitkirk Primary School, our school council is a group of passionate children that represent the views of all our pupils.

It gives our children the opportunity to have their voices heard and be part of the whole school community. They help to make decisions about school life and organise projects that support learning and development, such as organising charity events, playground incentives or representing the school at outside events. We value the opinions of our pupils, and our school council gives pupils a forum to share these opinions with our school council teacher representative, Headteacher, School Governors and other members of staff.

Why does Whitkirk have a school council?

Our Whitkirk school council provides a meaningful way in which our children can voice their opinions and have their views considered in decision making across school.

Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that the opinions of children and young people should be considered when people make decisions about things that involve them. They should be taken seriously, with their evolving capacities taken into account. Article 12 also says children and young people should be given the information they need to make good, informed decisions.

Who are the School Council representatives?

A new school council is elected each year and is made up of two representatives from each year group (from Year 1 to Year 6). At Whitkirk, all children vote in democratic elections at the beginning of the year for a new school council.  

Miss Emery - School Council (Teacher representative)

I am very proud to lead our School Council. We have remarkably passionate children in our school who have lots of brilliant ideas on how we can work together to make a better school. When we meet, we explore new ideas together. We aim to raise aspirations for all children in school. We want to make sure that all children’s voices are heard in our school. I am very proud to work with a wonderful group of children this year and I know we are going to achieve a lot for our school!

School council 2023-24 aims:

  • To meet once a month to discuss their views and to ensure all are heard
  • To make sure our school is a happy and safe place for all our children
  • To work alongside our Eco Warriors to develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly school
  • To organise whole school and class charity events to support the community and school

School Council achievements in 2022:

  • In Autumn 2, representatives from the school council spoke in assembly to identify how Whitkirk keeps children safe. The children spoke clearly about how children uses a range of resources to ensure children are safe and able to learn in a nurturing environment.
  • In December 2022, representatives from the school council spoke to the school governors and CEO of Red Kite, Richard Sheriff during a governors meeting. The children spoke with confidence and answered questions about how school keeps them safe and how Whitkirk supports children’s personal development
  • In December, the school council planned a Christmas Fund raiser throughout school.  They created posters and supported their class teachers in setting up a fund-raising event to raise money for playground equipment and reading books within each phase.

Our biggest achievement during 2022-23 was in conjunction with our Eco Warrior team. We created our own school allotment, Whitkirk's Little Lot. 

Welcome to Whitkirk's Little Lot - Where Little Hands Cultivate a Greener Tomorrow!

At Whitkirk, we believe in empowering our young learners to become stewards of the environment and advocates for sustainability. Our exciting new initiative, Whitkirk's Little Lot, is a testament to the passion and dedication of our students in creating a greener, more sustainable world.

Step into our lush green space, lovingly crafted by the very hands that are eager to make a difference. Whitkirk's Little Lot is a thriving hub of eco-consciousness, where each child plays a pivotal role in cultivating a deeper connection to nature and embracing sustainable practices.

Here, in the heart of our school grounds, the magic of learning comes alive amidst the beauty of flourishing crops, native plant species, and beneficial pollinators. Our young gardeners embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the wonders of nature firsthand as they plant seeds, nurture plants, and harvest the fruits of their labor.
But Whitkirk's Little Lot is so much more than a garden. It's an outdoor classroom that fosters valuable life skills, environmental awareness, and a sense of responsibility for our planet. Through hands-on experiences, our students learn about composting, water conservation, and organic gardening practices, gaining insights into sustainable ecosystems and the delicate balance of nature.
Beyond the fence of our school, our students become catalysts for positive change. They take pride in contributing to their community, sharing the harvest with those in need, and promoting eco-friendly initiatives throughout the school year.
As we watch our young gardeners dig, sow, and reap, we witness the growth not only of plants but also of compassionate and conscious individuals. Whitkirk's Little Lot is a symbol of hope, showing that even the smallest efforts can create a profound impact on our planet's well-being.
Join us on this extraordinary journey as we cultivate a greener tomorrow, one seed at a time. Together, we'll sow the seeds of sustainability and watch them blossom into a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.

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