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Our Curriculum


Whitkirk Primary School (10)

Mr Johnson - Maths Leader

At Whitkirk, we endeavour to teach maths so that children are taught to apply their knowledge and skills to a range of practical, real life contexts, ensuring their learning is both purposeful and meaningful. Skills are linked and taught together to maximise teaching and learning time, to allow context to be given to learning.

Our teaching is based on the recommended National Curriculum and the Ready to Progress documents, and has been personalised to meet the needs of our learners. We follow the White Rose maths curriculum to ensure pace and progression within skills throughout school, but personalise it to the needs of our pupils. Our 'Curriculum Guides', which aim to support key subject knowledge, address common misconceptions as well as making links with other maths concepts to support an integrated approach. Efficient and accurate methods (from our Calculation Policy) have been carefully planned within our sequences of learning. This helps children to attain proficiency in their understanding and experience of maths at Whitkirk.


We strongly believe in teaching 'one thing well' in our maths sessions at Whitkirk which focus on core content children need, before moving onto reasoning and problem solving opportunities. Children begin each maths lesson with an opportunity to further their procedural and declarative knowledge alongside each other. Here they rehearse key facts, times tables and revisit previously taught content, which all develops their automaticity, particularly in number.

Children at Whitkirk are given the best start in maths. Early maths and mathematical concepts are explicitly taught through maths carpet sessions and focused maths activities each day. This learning is then embedded within areas of provision. Children leave Reception with a secure understanding of numbers 1-10, being able to subitise up to at least 5, and recall number bonds. 

The relationships between the adults and the children, makes Whitkirk a very special place to grow as a mathematician. Alongside the tools to be proficient mathematicians, children are given the confidence to be ambitious and confident and know that they are able to succeed.

Whitkirk Primary School (19)


After the initial teaching input, children are assessed on their understanding of taught content. From here, the teacher assesses their starting points. Formative assessment throughout each lesson judges progress and enables the teacher to make flexible adaptations to their planning and improve individual's learning.

Effective formative assessment, marking and feedback and adult interaction within lessons is firmly embedded into our approach when teaching maths. All pupils are supported to develop, progress and move their learning forward through support, questioning and feedback. Pupils demonstrate the impact this has on improving their learning through editing and written responses.

Maths is assessed by teachers who use Rising Stars NTS assessments once per term, allocate a level and next steps for each pupil.

Whitkirk Primary School (26)

Whitkirk Primary School (89)How you can help your child in Maths

Interest and enthusiasm in your child's learning, makes the biggest difference! From an early age, children are influenced by our preconceptions of subjects. We are extremely fortunate at Whitkirk to have such supportive parents and carers who take an active, positive interest in their child's learning. Your child will receive weekly homework in maths which consolidates key learning from their maths sessions.

For KS1 children, 1- Minute Maths (White Rose Maths) is a fantastic app which delivers targeted practice in short, bite-sized chunks. It is perfect for learning and showing children how much fun they can have with basic number!

We also have a subscription to Times Table Rock Stars: each child in KS2 has an account and is able to test their knowledge (and battle it out with peers)! Please follow the link.

To find out more about our Maths curriculum, please contact school.

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