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Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

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Subject Leader – Miss Emery 

At Whitkirk Primary School we are ambitious, resilient, healthy and understanding citizens.

Our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum has been designed to support all pupils to embrace changes, question and contribute to our ever-changing society, build big dreams for the future and build the confidence needed to stand up for their own rights and beliefs.  At Whitkirk, we work hard to instil resilience, determination, patience and understanding to give children the strategies to call up on when facing challenges.  

The skills taught through our PSHE programme underpin our school values and so we aim for opportunities to be embedded throughout our school day, including assemblies, class discussions and social time.

Pupil safeguarding and the promotion of fundamental British Values are core to our spiral PSHE curriculum. Great importance is placed on opportunities in our curriculum for children to learn about safeguarding in all its forms. PSHE is taught explicitly throughout the school year (3 to 4 sessions are covered throughout a half term). Our broad curriculum following the scheme ‘You, Me PSHE’, provides Whitkirk with a clear and progressive PSHE curriculum. ‘MindMate’ sessions, covered twice termly, ensure mental health and wellbeing are an emphasis in our teaching and daily life at Whitkirk and provides teachers with the resources and skills in order to deliver high quality, challenging content. 

Outside agency support such as NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe and Red Cross Black Lives Matter, are linked throughout all PSHE strands, assemblies throughout the year and national focus weeks such as ‘Anti Bullying Week’, provide opportunities to experience life in all its diversity, to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills that significantly impact on personal development, behaviour and welfare and equip every child with the knowledge and skills required for personal safeguarding. Our PSHE curriculum covers all areas of safeguarding through the strands of; physical health and wellbeing, identify, society and equality, mental health and emotional wellbeing, keeping safe and managing risk, drug, alcohol and tobacco education, career, financial capability and economic wellbeing.  We are sensitive in our teaching and inform families of our coverage through our family guides and Class Dojo. The effectiveness of this is evidenced through pupil voice, photographs, class and group discussion and self-reflection evident in class floor books. 

The main aims of our PSHE curriculum are:  

  • To ensure that all pupils leave primary school with experiences and knowledge to inspire their goals for the future, so that they can contribute to our diverse society.  
  • To equip children with skills to be resilient and reflective in learning and in life. 
  • To ensure our pupils are aware of their rights, and have the language and confidence to stand up for those rights, and the rights of others.  
  • To give children information and guidance so that they can successfully seek support when needed.  
  • To enable our children to understand what makes healthy relationships, and that these look different for everyone.  

To give children the knowledge and understanding to become independent in managing their mental and physical health. 

MindMate - Emotional wellbeing and mental health website

Our Preventative PSHE curriculum

Relationships and Health Education (RSE):

We want all children to grow up healthy, happy, safe and able to manage the challenges and opportunities of modern Britain.  To support us in achieving this, we use the Leeds agreed ‘You, Me and PSHE’ scheme of work, adapted to meet the needs of our children.

We follow the PSHE Association guidance that pupils should be taught the links between puberty and conception, and how this process works in order to create a baby.

RSE Policy

RSE Family Guide


Useful links for support and guidance

Physical Health - click to view

Physical Health

Advice and ideas around healthy eating and exercise.

change 4 life

Healthier Families - Home - NHS (

Advice and support for families when managing  a daily healthy diet and ‘ fussy eating’.


Fussy eaters - NHS (

Information about sports activities and clubs in Leeds.

Active Leeds

Sports (

Mental Heath - click to view

Mental Health

Support and advice for parent and carers around a range of emotional wellbeing and mental health needs, including a referral process for additional support.


I'm a parent or carer - MindMate

Guidance and advice for families around a range of emotional wellbeing and mental health needs.


How to support your child's mental health – Place2Be

Support and advice for parents around loss and bereavement, including a contact line and resources.


Personal Support - click to view

Personal Support

Advice for parents and young people around gender identity.

Mermaids logo

Advice, support and networking for families of LGBT+ children.

FFLAG logo

Welcome - FFLAG



Subject Road Map PSHE

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