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Our Curriculum


Whitkirk Primary School (25)

EYFS leader – Miss Emery  

Throughout reception, children embark on a journey of discovery and exploration.

We have designed a classroom and curriculum which provides children with the knowledge and skills to understand their place within the community and world. We place reading at the heart of our curriculum, and plan for success using key highly accredited texts, vocabulary and enticing contexts and experiences.  Our teaching is a mixture of adult – led and child-initiated play.  Our passionate adults support children within areas of provision in the classroom to develop and learn at their own pace, modelling effective communication, language, and social skills.

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EYFS Curriculum  Reading within the EYFS at Whitkirk

EYFS timetable

Core Values

In line with the whole school approach, children in reception learn apply our school values in all aspects of their learning. We focus on one Core Value each half term and develop a strong understanding of what it means to be:

  • Safe
  • Show respect
  • Develop friendships
  • Forgive
  • Trust

Core values at Whitkirk (2)

Daily interactions

When we interact and observe the children within our care, we ‘Wait, Watch and Wonder’.

Wait Watch Wonder
We are waiting to see if we need to interact and support with children’s play to move learning forward.  We are watching and listening to the children’s spoken language, links that they are making in their learning and behaviours that they are displaying.  Finally, wondering if we can support the children to solve their own problems within their play through carefully selected questioning and prompts.


Upon entry to the reception year, children undergo a ‘National Baseline Assessment’ to gage their current understanding of key areas of the Early Years curriculum on entry into school. Throughout the year EYFS staff will then monitor children’s achievements in all areas of the EYFS curriculum to identify any areas for development. If a child is identifies as needing support to excel in a subject area, interventions will be planned and adaptations to the learning environment, (classroom) will occur to expose children to the key learning.

Parental engagement

Parental relationships are at the heart of our learning culture at Whitkirk and the EYFS. Throughout the reception year, parents engage in all aspects of a child’s development. From the start of the year, we welcome parents in weekly for, ‘Stay & Play’ sessions, sharing children’s learning and engaging in conversations about children’s development and ways to support children at home. We use the highly accredited, ‘Class Dojo’ as a school to communicate with parents. This creates a platform to share daily class learning and celebrate achievements of individual children.  We value sharing our teaching process with parents and carers, therefore we set homework weekly, incorporating videos of Read Write Inc sessions to support parents in teaching their children to read and write at home.  To further support our drive to instil a love of reading, each week we host a ‘Secret Reader’ event.  Each week, a surprise adult joins the children in class to read a story. This is a much-anticipated weekly event and creates a sense of delight and passion towards reading.

 Most importantly, class teachers are always available each morning and afternoon to discus any queries or concerns you may have and will do all that they can to ensure children are happy, safe, and enjoying school life!

Language rich Curriculum

Parental Engagement at Whitkirk (5)

Parental Engagement at Whitkirk (1)

Language Rich at Whitkirk (3)Language Rich at Whitkirk (4)

Text Driven

Texts have been carefully selected and researched to provide exposure to high level vocabulary, contexts, and different text types to support children’s developing language, vocabulary and understanding of key literacy concepts. 

The Literacy curriculum at Whitkirk is text driven. Children start their journey into a book by reading and predicting what may happen throughout the text, using the skill of inference to explain events in the text using illustrations. Children then role play and retell the story using props and story maps to rehearse language and familiarise themselves with the story structure and themes. Children then go on to show their understanding of a text by answering questions and explaining their understanding.

Throughout this process, teachers use sentence frames to support children’s spoken language structure and responding in full sentences. For example, ‘Who saved Little Red Riding Hood?’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood was saved by the Wood Chopper’. Children then go onto compare the current text to previously read texts, showing a developing memory bank of texts, language, story structures and themes that the children can then build upon when creating their own stories and comparisons.

Talk for Writing

At the end of Spring 1, children in reception start using ‘Talk for Writing’. Talk for Writing is an approach to teaching writing that encompasses a three-stage pedagogy: ​‘imitation’ (where pupils learn and internalise texts, to identify transferrable ideas and structures using texts maps), ​‘innovation’ (where pupils use these ideas and structures to co-construct new versions with their teachers), and ​‘invention’ (where teachers help pupils to create original texts independently). These tasks aim to improve writing ability by giving pupils an understanding of the structure and elements of written language.

Talk for Writing at Whitkirk (3)


Reading throughout the day

To supplement our teaching of reading using the scheme ‘Read Write Inc’, at Whitkirk, we expose children to a variety of text types through our planned daily, ‘Story Time’ sessions.  Each term we read a traditional tale, this is repeated each Monday and forms a bank of key texts that the children can recall and use within their own role play and writing.  Non – fiction books; books selected to educate the children about the world around them and link to the children’s interests e.g. an information book about space travel.  Poetry books, cultural books; linking to key events such as Diwali. Children also have the opportunity to choose their own story, voting as a class to select this developing an understanding of democracy.


Whitkirk Primary School EYFS curriculum

The Big Idea and Key Themes

Each topic throughout the year is lead by an overarching ‘Big Idea’ and outlined ‘Key Themes’ to provide the children with all the experiences that they need to excel in the Early Years curriculum set out by the Department for Education.  The Big Idea and Key Themes are underpinned by ‘Enquiry Questions’ which have been designed so that by the end of each term, children will be able to show their learning through their confident responses to the questions. 


Vocabulary is carefully selected and planned throughout each year group at Whitkirk. This is also mirrored in EYFS. Through play and storytelling, EYFS staff help children extend their vocabulary and develop their communication skills.  Key subject specific vocabulary such as seasons, animal names, countries and landscapes have been selected in order ensure children can apply the skills in the curriculum and understand the plethora of new information introduced to them.

Events and Visitors

At Whitkirk, it is our duty to prepare children for our developing world. We have designed a curriculum to provide children with key life experiences which will form their understanding of the world around them. From trips to the local town to develop a sense of community and local environment, the farm to understand growth and change and visits from the police, fire service and ambulance staff to inspire and teach children about important figures within our community.

Events & Visitors at Whitkirk (3)

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